Why Frame

Why Frame Construction

Frame Construction the New Way to Build.

There are many reasons why Eco Designer Homes collections prefer timber frame construction to design your home. Frame allows accuracy, quality and a versatility that cannot be matched by the double brick alternative. Frame has factory-engineered components where builders adhere to strict quality control measures.

Eco Designer Homes uses steel and timber in frame construction, dependent on the environmental location and its cost effectiveness. Frame is strong and can stand up to Australia’s extreme weather, in fact it’s considered to be the best product to withstand an earthquake.

Equivalent or better acoustics can be achieved with the use of special sound insulation to internal walls. Eco Designer Homes collection always provides standard insulation to all internal walls creating individual acoustic and insulated cells (rooms) within its homes. Steel and treated timber are termite proof so white ant and other insects can not attack the structure of your home. Steel and timber frames can be recycled, helping to sustain the environment for our future.

Framed homes can also be adapted easily for future additions, creating less waste than brick. The walls of a home constructed with frame are much thinner than double brick, this provides more internal floor space with superior insulation.

The strength of frame allows Eco Designer Homes collection to incorporate wide and open spaces, high ceilings and flexibility in floor planning. The construct is straight and true which makes it easy to achieve a quality interior finish. Framed homes sit relatively gently on fragile land providing minimal disruption to the surrounding ecosystems.

If you are not convinced on frame construction we also design for panel construction and double brick homes as well.