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ECO Home Designs with a difference.

Home Designs Project or Custom.

Design is the unique aesthetics of each beautiful home, yet it is also about ensuring that even the boldest plans are cost effective, energy efficient and rest in harmony with the environment. Eco Designer Serries prides itself on delivering diverse homes to its clients. Nothing is considered standard. We source a wide range of finishing materials to make each home exclusive, from metal to flush fibre cement, colorbond and decorative stone finish. Where you are building a small lot home, strata subdivision or a luxury beach house, you can choose from one of our standard plans or we can custom design an eco house with you.

Specialist interior designers can be aranged to promise creation with atmosphere within your home of balance, interest and style.

All our designs exude a resort like feel, with extra attention to the internal and external finishes.

Take a look at the range from Eco Designer Homes Series below, all designs are based as timber frame and can be changed to suit double brick, reverse brick veneer or any other form of construction …

Please contact us for a printable PDF of your chosen design or for more information on a custom designed home that suits your budget, life style and site.