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Energy Efficiency by Design

A decade ago energy efficiency was expensive and considered inaccessible to most homeowners. Today you can play a part in sustaining our environment whilst saving money on utilities and resources. Eco Designer Homes Collection, prides itself on being steps ahead of industry and government standards for energy efficiency. There are many environmentally sound design facets that our designer may be able to incorporate into your home.

Make use of the natural energy of the environment where you build. In a hot climate, limit the exposure to the sun and in a cool climate, maximise the sun as a source of energy.

The Orientation or positioning of your home can reduce the need for heating and cooling, saving money and reducing greenhouse emissions.

Passive Solar Design is design that does not require mechanical heating or cooling. Homes that are passively designed take advantage of natural energy flows to maintain thermal comfort.

Thermal mass is the ability of the materials used in the design of your home to absorb heat and create energy. Thermal mass absorbs heat during the summer, keeping the home cool. In winter thermal mass can store the heat from the sun and release it at night, keeping the home warm.

Photo-voltaic solar panels use the heat of direct sun and turn it into current electricity. This can be redirected to your home supply or purchased by an electricity supplier.

Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Rainwater Tanks are not only a source of lovely fresh drinking water, they can also supply other areas of the home with this valuable natural resource.

Grey Water, or wastewater, can be collected, treated and then used to water the garden. With new technology becoming more affordable greywater may be used in other ways around the home.